Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experience.


“I was just miserable. My teeth and gums were extremely sensitive and I had almost constant headaches. Now I receive compliments about my beautiful teeth from friends and strangers alike. The pain is gone and so are the terrible headaches. I have never regretted the decision or the expense of this investment. It has given me over 10 years of comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Gerner is the very best!”

Nancy P.

“I have been a patient of Dr. James Gerner for the past 8 years and have enjoyed my care in his office. They display a high level of professionalism and state of the art care.”

Dr. Ted H.

“I started seeing Dr. Gerner for clicking, popping and pain in my jaw. I had a hard time eating certain foods. Dr. Gerner and his staff are always open to learning something new and they always make me feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Gerner always gives you options, never pressures you and always has your best interest in mind. Now I am pain free and able to eat things I couldn’t eat before.”

Starr S.

“I would recommend Dr. Gerner and his staff to anyone contemplating this life changing procedure (full mouth rehabilitation). It was the best thing I did for: reducing bacteria (I have a heart condition); relieving headaches, neck pain and pain in my jaw; breathing better; not grinding my teeth; jaw alignment; my facial expressions, smile and feeling good physically and mentally.”

David M.

“In August 1979, my right jaw locked. My former dentist was not able to help me. After 15 years I started coming to Dr. Gerner and finally the pain was gone.”

Barbara P.